About us EN

Our school, King Andrew Primary School is situated in Tiszavarkony, 120 kms from our capital city, Budapest, in Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok county, 20 kms from Szolnok.

Population: 1518 inhabitants.

Probably the area has been  populated since the copper age.

Different tools and pieces of pots were excavated from this age in 1952.

It was an important medieval junction,  as Hungarian kings crossed the river Tisza here, met their dependents, and enemies.

It was the place for meeting  King Andrew and Duke Bela, King Mathias and Mihaly Szilagyi.

Gyorgy Dozsa crossed the river here with his troops.


There was religious education in the village before 1945.

The main building of our school was built in 1958 and started governmental education in it.

A college was built next to the main building in 1962.

It was built for children from other smaller neighbouring villages.

As it was closed, this building gives place for the school library, for the village library and on the second floor a school canteen can be found.

In 1982 a wooden building was set up in the garden of the school for Crafts lessons.

A gymnasium was built next to the main building in 1993.

It was a great leap forward in the life of our school and in the inhabitants’ life as well.


The name, King Andrew was given to our school in 1996.

Education in our school is on 8 grades,  one class in each grade.

There are 135 students in our school.

They are from 6 to 15 years old.

Thanks to our 18 teachers’outstanding work we can provide a high level  educational work

in our familiar school.

In afternoon lessons  we can provide  wide range of sports activities.

Sport is very important in the life of our school.

Art funs can participate on handcraft and enamel painting lessons.

ICT lessons are very popular with our students in the afternoon .

We have a talented majorette team and  choir  in our scool.

Students, who like reading, can spend their free time at our library.

For lovers of  nature, our school park with unique bushes and trees can provide a right place for having some rest.